Ten of 1943 Graduates Now In Service
A salute goes to the '43 senior class. Out of a graduating class of fifty, of whom twenty-six were boys,ten of them are now in the armed forces serving in the Army, Navy, and Marines.
  • Cadet "Jackie" Parrent, Miami, Florida
  • Pvt. "Tommy" Crisp, Plt. 683, R D MCD, San Diego, Calif;
  • Wilford M. Oliver S2/C Bldg. 80, Barracks 91, Section 3, crew 1044 Co. A, Armed Guard Gulfort, Miss.
  • Cliffort T. Jefferson, F 3/C, Brks. 308 L S Sect. M9-S, Service School, Great Lakes, Ill
  • Sidney Mc Kinney S2/C Crew 1044 Co. A, Armed Guard School, Gulfport, Miss.
  • Kenneth Dyer is in training for the Army Air Corp in Iowa
  • Van Layton Rye, who was in the Army Engineer Corp, will leave Monday for the Navy;
  • Arthur Wallace was recently inducted into the Army;
  • Ray Ventura will leave soon for the Army Air Corp
  • J. W. Camereon is in California, where he is taking basic training for the Marines

Trigg County High is proud of these boys and of the work which they are doing.

Service Men News

Vol No. 1 - Oct 1, 1943
Wallace Maddox, son of Rev. and Mrs. J. H. Maddox, who was reported missing following action in late August, from his minesweeper, is now located in the Boston Naval Hospital and is expecting to visit his parents in Metropolis sometime in October.

There are four T.C.H. Alumni now stationed at Camp Croft, S. C. They are Pvt. John Bell Mason, Kenneth Cameron, Ed Headley, and Houston Francis.

Lacy Wallace Cox, who has seen action in North Africa and Sicily, is now stationed some where in Italy.

Pfc. James C. Wilson, 1942 graduate of T.C.H., is now stationed at Camp Van Dorn, Miss.

S2/C Willard Henderson, and Edd Francis, who have been overseas for the past year are stationed at New Caledonia Island. There are also three other Trigg County boys stationed there with them.

A 1941 graduate, Robert Hite, F1/C, is now located at the Navy Pier, Chicago.

Pvt Thomas Crisp of the Marine Corp, and a 1942 graduate, is stationed at San Diego, Calif.

Pvt. James Larkins who graduated from T.C.H. in 1940 is stationed at Camp Campbell, Ky.

Oaklus Luton, student council president of 1942, is with the Army at Fort Bragg, N.C.

Pfc. James M. Riggin, graduate of Trigg County High in 1942 is now serving in the Marines and is somewhere in the S. Pacific.

Cpl. Thomas Fourshee, and Cpl. Wallis Sivills are maneuvering at Shreveport, La.

Pfc. Charles Ray stevens, a graduate of 1941, is stationed in Australia and was in the invasion of Guadacanal. Ray has been overseas for 22 months.

Cpl. Homer Parrent is with the Army Air Corps at Montgomery, Ala. Homer graduated in 1941.

Clifford Jefferson F3/C, a 1943 graduate, is at the Great Lakes Training Station.

Pvt. Jimmy Baker is with the Army at Camp Stewart, Ga. Jimmy attended T.C.H. four years.

Murl Oliver, S2/C, a former Trigg High student is stationed at Gulfport, Miss.

Pfc. Murl Sanders, who graduated in 1942, and who is stationed at Camp Livingstone, La., is home on furlough visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Sanders, Wallonia.

R, H. Upton, Yeo 2/c, is stationed somewhere overseas in the South Pacific. R. H. graduated in 1942.

News has been received at Trigg County High that Norris Jackson Parent, 1943 graduate who ranked sixth scholastically, has this week become an Army Air Cadet. "Jackie" is stationed at Miami Beach, Fla.

The following letter was recently received by Margaret Redick from S/Sgt. Howard R. Thomas, one of the Trigg County High boys overseas:

Dear Margaret:

First I'll introduce myself as one of those South Sea Islanders. Now, don't expect me to be as brown as the natives. I haven't been here as long as they. Yet, I think nineteen months is long enough.

I have visited your brother, Shorty, Bill Alexander, Willard Henderson, and Herman Mitchell at their camp in New Caledonia. They were very fortunate in staying together for so long a period of time. As a matter of fact three of them sleep in the same tent and are having as much fun as could be expected.

I was really surprised to find the boys there and I might add that it was a pleasant one. When I left New Caledonia before, Edd Francis was the only one from Trigg County, and it was quite a few months before I ran into Edd on the streets of the largest town. 'Twas purely an accident but I need not say it pleased both of us. When I looked him up on my return to the island, he told me about the other boys being there and where I could find them. I wasted no time in looking them up as I was actually starved for news from the old place. An as the boys had left there since I came overseas, they were able to tell me about things that had happened in the last two years. Now even they feel that they are slowly turning to a dark brown color, but of course it is merely our imagination caused by our contact with the natives.

The boys were able to show me pictures of the boys and girls I went to school with who have actually become men and women of the world. Oh yes! I was the one who would see the world while making up my mind as to my life's work. I have certainly done just that and I haven't missed much of the world.

I didn't remember your brother's name but I did remember his face -- They are as swell a bunch of boys as I ever hope to meet. It certainly helps the Old Morale to see someone from our home town.

At the time I was visiting the boys in New Caledonia I thought I would possibly get back to the states. Later my arrangements were changed, and now it looks like I will have to be content to spend another six or seven months in this sector, although that is uncertain. Would enjoy receiving letters from some of you.

S/Sgt. Howard R. Thomas.

Pfc. Lacy Wade, who is a former T.C.H. S. student, has been stationed in a Surgical Evacuation Hospital, somewhere in N. Africa. The following letter was received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wade, from U. S. Senator A. B. Chandler of Kentucky, who is making a tour of the combat area:

Africa, August 15

I have seen your son, Lacy, recently. As you may know, he is somewhere in North aFrica. He is now up and around and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air in a comfortable convalescent camp, located high on a hill overlooking the blue Mediterranean.

It was my great pleasure to meet him and talk with him and I want to ake this opportunity of telling you what a fine person I think your son is, and what a magnificant job he and his buddies are doing over there. He is indeed a credit to Kentucky and to the nation, and I extend to you my sincerest congratulations and warmest good wishes.

Coridally yours,
A. B. Chandler
U.S. Senator, Kentucky

Lacy was last week transferred from North Africa to a post in Sicily.

Vol No. 1 Number 2 - Oct 29, 1943

Wallis Clarke, 1943 president of the sEnior Class, was inducted into the Army on Monday, October 25. Wallis was an outstanding commercial student at Trigg County High last year and since his graduation he has been a student at Draughon's Business College, Nashville, Tenn.

One of the former students of Trigg County High, Harold Witty, left Monday for Memphis to take an examination for the Merchant Marines.

"Tommy" Crisp, one of last year's graduates, has been home on a brief leave. He has been sttioned at San Deigo with the Marines.

Another graduate home on furlough is Junior Bannister. He is a Private in the Army.

Pvt. Jimmy Baker also spent his furlough at home recently.

Wallace "Preach" Maddox, USN, is home now after seeing action in Africa and Sicily. He has been receiving hospitalization. He is a '41 graduate and was art editor of the "Wildcat" that year.

A letter was received this week from Van Layton Rye, US Naval Training Station, Co. 1508, great Lakes. He asked several questions about the faculty and inquired about the way Mr. McDonald was running the school without him. He stated that he doesn't copy anymore and that he missed annoying Miss Hooks in the library.

A rather lengthy and interesting letter was received by the Journalism class from T. Sgt. Howard R. Thomas, 15047043, Hq. Special troops, American Div. APO 176, calaif. He was reccommended as a candidate for the U. S. Military Academy and was chosen to represent the Americal Division. While at the airport awaiting transportation to the South Pacific Headquarters, he met Sgt. Bushemi, who is mentioned in the best seller, "See Here, Private Hargrove." Sgt. Bushemi was also enroute to the South Pacific Headquarters.

Howard, with three others, was turned down because they had not had previous college training. While awaiting orders to return to his outfit, he ran into several boys from Trigg County two of whom he had known in high school, Willard Henderson and "Bill" Alexander.

Howard was captain of the football team in 1939.

Pvt. J. L. Hicks, 632 T.S.S. Gulfport Field, Gulfport, Miss., Box 414, wrote a letter to the Journalism class last week. He is going to Mechanics School and will finish the course in January. He will then go to Engineering School. J. L. asked about the faculty back at Trigg Co. High and also asked for letters from his friends and former classmates.

Dempsey Hall, AS, Company 1549, great Lakes, Ill, Trigg Co. High's first student to be taken directly out of school for service, is taking is "boot" training for the Navy. Dempsey was a senior here and was also one of the art editors of the "Wildcat". In one of his letters he states that he likes the Navy fine.

A card was received from Jackie Parrent, who is in the Army Air Corps. He is now in New York.

Sidney Earl Allen, a 1941 graduate now in the U. S. Navy, spent a week at home recently. He is wearing a Pacific Campaign Bar, designating that he has seen action in the Pacific. He left Oct 10, for San francisco, California.

Word has been received that G. D. Bridges, former president of the Student Council has taken examination for appointment at West Point. The results of the examination have not been learned as yet.

Cpl. Dean Piercy, a 1942 graduate, is somewhere int he South Pacific serving in the Army.

Pfc. Wallace Gray, 1941 president of Student Council, is stationed at Camp Adair, Oregon.

Robert W. Hite, F 1/c spent a week at home while enroute to his new base. His address if LCS Destroyer Base, San Deigo, 36, Calif.

Pfc. J. H. "Happy" Allen, 1941 graduate, is stationed in England.

Another of the alumni, Malcolm Hopson, is a 1st Class Petty Officer in the U S Navy.

Mrs. Bingham Stephens received a phone call Monday from her son, Ray Stephens, whom she has not seen for twenty two months. He is now in the Long Beach Naval Hospital at Long Beach, California.

Ray, a Trigg County High graduate of '41, was the first Trigg volunteer after Pearl Harbor. He enlisted on December 8, 1941.

After receiving his "boot" training at Parris Island and New River, N.C. Ray was sent to the Pacific theatre of war and was with the Marines in the invasion of Guadalcanal. Recently he has been stationed somewhere in Australia.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bingham Stephens, Cadiz, Kentucky. His parents expect him home on leave during the next few weeks.

Vol. No. 1 Number 3 - December 3, 1943

Pfc. Wallace Gray, '41 Student Council President, has been home on furlough recently. For the past three months, he has been on maneuvers in eastern Oregon.

Leo Wilson, C.P.O. in the Navy, is home on liberty after being stationed in Puerto Rico. A '38 graduate of T.C.H. he was announcer at WHOP for a year and has been in the Navy for the past two years. His sister, Agnes Wilson, 41' graduate, is in the Cadet Nurse Corp. She is in training at Detroit, Michigan. Agnes was Trigg County High's first girl to volunteer for service.

In a recent letter from Clifford Jefferson, Great Lakes, he states that he likes the Navy fine and that the Milwaukee girls are very friendly. (According to the picture he sent along with the letter, they must be!)

Pvt. Jimmy Baker, who has been at home on furlough, left Sunday.

Homer Parrent, another of Trigg's alumni, has recently been home from the Army.

Robert Hall, U.S.N., who was a student of T.C.H.S. is expected home within the next two weeks. Robert was one of the many boys wounded on Attu.

"Lou" Walters, former coach and teacher at Trigg High, has passed examinations for the Navy. He will probably go in as a general instructor.

A former student, Smith Simmons, is now F 1/c in the Navy. He is stationed in New York City.

A letter was received from Pvt. J. L. Hicks this week. He is in training to be an aerial gunner. After completing the course he will probably go to a Gunnery School.

Rupert Madrey is attending a mechanics school at Brooklyn Field, Miss.

A card was received this week from Pvt. Tommy Crisp of the Marine Corps. He is in San Deigo, Calif. and likes it there fine.

The staff of the "Wildcat" was delighted to receive a letter from Cpl. Oaklus Luton, a Trigg High graduate. He was president of the Student Council in 1941-1942 and also president of the Senior class during the same year. Oaklus is stationed at Camp Butner, N.C. On his way to the Induction Center in February, he writes that he met one of Trigg County High's popular students and athletes, Pvt. Ted Sills, now stationed in Calif.

The journalism class has recently heard from Pvt. Carl Ferrara, history teacher and athletics coach of 1942'43, who wrote expressing his appreciation for "The Wildcat". In his letter errara said,"The Wildcat" is by far the best high school publication I have ever read. Your staff of reporters must be on the ball". Ferrara, who is stationed with the Army Air Corps at Miami Beach, Fla., is physical education instructor there. He says he likes the life there fine but he misses T.C.H.S. and his friends here.

The journalism class recently received a letter from Ray Ventura, a '43 graduate, who is now stationed at Jefferson Barracks, Mo. Ray says that he "likes the army fine, especially the chow." He also stated the he peeled 1800 lbs of potatoes (with an automatic potato peeler) when he wa son K.P. His address is: Pvt. Charles R. Ventura, 35710537 A.S.N. Sq. B.F.G.35, Flt.599, Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

Wallis Clarke and Ray Ventura left November 15 for the Army.

Malcom Stallons has been home recently after completion of his training at Navy Pier. He is now attending Gunners School.

Dempsey Hall, S1/c will leave Monday, december 6, after spending a liberty at home. He has been stationed at the Great Lakes.

A 1943 graduate, Pvt. W. J. Hopson, is in Marine "boot" training in san Deigo, Calif.

Cpl. Carl Turner, T.C.H. graduate, has been home on furlough recently.

Some of our service boys who has visited us are: Dempsey Hall, Van Rye, Jimmie Baker, Wallace gray and Ray Stephens.

Two boys from the Junior Class are now in the Marines. They are Billy Adams and James Graham. They will leave for duty sometime in the near future.

Allen - Futrell Our office girl Eva Dae Allen, is now Mrs. Futrell. She was married Saturday, November 27, at 4 p.m. at Morganfield, Ky. to Capl. Monroe Futrell. The wedding took place at the Court House with the Judge of Union County officiating.

In a recent letter to the journalism class from "Jackie" Parrent, he says tha this greatest desire now is to become a good flyer. With his ambition and his skill, he is sure to reach his goal. Jackie is a 1943 graduate now in training as an Aviation Cadet at Syracuse, N.Y.

Vol. 1 Number 4 - January 7, 1944


Trigg Graduate Loses Life In South Pacific

Was Star Football Player of T.C.H.

James Malcolm Riggin, U.S.M.C., was reported missing in action somewhere in the South Pacific on December 23, Malcolm, a graduate of '42 is Trigg High's first son to lose his life in the service of his country.

Holdong one of the best records of any Trigg County High athlete, Malcolm was the perfect model for a Marine. He was a member of the Wildcat football team for four years, serving in his senior year as co-captain; and he holds an excellend record in basketball, having played on the team for his last three years at Trigg High.

Malcolm, better known to the student of Trigg County High as "Goober", was born on June 22, 1924, the son of H. Claud and Ila Rogers Riggin, Cadiz. He received his elementary education at the Cadiz Graded School and entered Trigg County High in 1938. After graduation "Goober" entered the N.Y.A. mechanical school at Murray, completing the course offered there. For some months afterwards he was employed in a submarine factory in the East until he enlisted in the Marine Corps in October, 1942. Having received his boot training at Parris Island, he was shipped to the South Pacific war theatre in December, 1942.

Holding the record of "one of Trigg High's most notable athlete's and citizens," "Goober" will not soon be forgotten here. His life, was given for his country and his way of life, and the students of T.C.H. will remember what his sacrifice and the sacrifice of others like him mean. T.C.H. pays a tribute to him, the one graduate of whom we are most proud.

Marine Pvt. Thomas E. Crisp has been transferred to Newport, Rhode Island. His address is Co. 1635 N.T.S. El., Mate School, Newport, Rhode Island.

A most interesting letter was received this week from a former graduate of here, Cpl. Clifford A. Wallace, 35477842, Company "C" 727th M.P. Bn. A.P.O. 523 care Postmaster, New York, N.Y. We will print the letter in full in a later issue of this paper.

Layton Tuggle, Now Lieut., Tells Students Of His Training

Layton Tuggle, Trigg High's first graduate to be commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant, briefly outlined to the student body assembly on December 8th the training which has has received since he was called to duty in the Army Air Corps in January, 1943.

Lt. Tuggle entered T.C.H. at mid-term of his sophomore year (1938) and has an all A and B scholastic record. He stated that he "just took the regular course but was most interested in agriculture." Layton played football at T.C.H. his junior and senior years, making honorable mention as guard on the all-state football team when he was a senior.

After graduation from Trigg in 1940, Tuggle attended Western State Teachers' College at Bowling Green for two years where he took an industrial arts course.

He took the examination for the Air Corps in February, 1943, making the highest score on record for this test 139 our of 150 possiible points. On July 22, 1942 Layton enlisted in the Reserves for the Air Force and was called for active duty on January 9, 1943. He has been stationed at Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas, since his induction, and was graduated as a navigator Saturday, December 4, 1943, becoming a second lieutenant.

In the afternoon Lt. Tuggle spoke to the T.C.H. aeronautics class and explained the different typed of navigation, the duties of a navigator, and other things of interest to the class.

At the end of his furlough, he reported to Boise, Idaho, for duty. Lt. Tuggle is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Norris Tuggle, Cadiz.

Pfc Wallace Gray 35717782, Co. "D" 415th Inf A.P.O. 104 U.S. Army, Los Angeles, Calif. wrote to the journalism class this week. He is in the California-Arizona Desert Maneuver Area at the present.

It has been learned that Lacy Wallace is now in Pompeii, Italy. His address is Lacy wallace, Cox., U.S.S. LCI (L) No 76 c/o Fleet Post Office, New York, N.Y.

Sgt. Boyd MNitchell, USMC, arrived in Cadiz yesterday on a furlough. "Mickie" has been stationed in the South Pacific War Zones.

Billy Ray Adams left December 13 for the Marines.

Jackie Parrent, of the Army Air Corps, is in the hospital at Syracuse N.Y., as a result of an ankle injury.

C. D. Bridges has passed his examinations for the Army Air Corps.

Van Layton rye, S 2/c is now in Pearl Harvor.

Edward Thomas, former tudent at T.C.H. left recently for the Navy. Ed was a member of the '42 football squad.

A greeting card was received from James Rogers A.R.M. 3/c, V P 215, care Fleet P.O. New York, N.Y. He is a '42 graduate of T.C.H.

A very interesting letter ws received from A/S Edwin Kenneth Dyer, 35731935, Sqdn. No 1., S.A.A.a.B. Sant Ana, Calif. Kenneth considers himself very fortunate to be a cadet in the Air Corps since it is "America's finest branch of service." (Quoting Kenneth.) He says he has picked up some valuable academic and athletic training. He has begun his two weeks processing period after which he hopes to become a pilot. He asked for letters from any or all of the students and teachers here. Kenneth is remembered to T.C.H. as the "tenor half: of the Dyer-Henderson duet.

Another letter extending his appreciation for "The Wildcat," was received from Smith Simmons, F 1/c U.S.S. Briareus, care Fleet Post Office, New York, N.Y. He is now on a ship, having been transferred from a smaller ship in August. Due to government regulations he could not tell the name of the ship Smith says he liked New York fine while he was there. He is a 1940 graduate.

Doug Wallace, a former student has been home recently. He is one of the few T.C.H. students now in the paratroupers division. He is a 1942 graduate.

A '40 graduate of her, Cpl. Marshall Cooper, 781st Bmb, Sqd. Army Air Base, Mc Cook, Nebraska, wrote to the school this week expressing his appreciation for the "Wildcat". Marshall says he has met countless numbers of people and made many new friends since he entered the service but most of them are temporary because, as a general rule, they seldom stay at one field very long. So.,he says, it's always a relief to know that friends from the 'ole home town' are behing you.

H.C. Hunter, a junior at T.C.H. and former football and basketball player here, was subject to leave December 17 for the Army. Since all calls for December were cancelled, he will not leave until January.

Marine Pfc. Ray Stephens left December 16 for Memphis where he reported to the marine Hospital. Ray spent the Christmas holidays at home.

Pvt. John Grigsby has been home recently. He is stationed at Camp Breckinridge.

John D. Minton now a Naval Ensign, has been home recently. John, a '42 graduate, held membership in various clubs and classes at school.

Clifford Jefferson of the U.S.N. apent Christmas at home.

Pvt. David Hudson, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hudson of Golden Pond has recently been transferred from Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind. to Camp Atturbury, Ind.

A long period of anxiety was broken this week for Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hooks when letters were received from both of their sons. Charles, U. S. Marine Corp. and now stationed in the South Pacific and Elliott, U. S. Navy somewhere in the Atlantiic. Both boys report they are find and wish all their friends the Seasons Greetings.

Word was received this week that Thomas Reed Franklin, Golden Pond, is now undergoing his "boot" training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, Ill.

Lacy Guier, who is stationed at Memphis, Tenn., int he Army, was home over the Christmas holidays.

James Dean Minton, 22, formerly of Route 2, Cadiz was recently graduated from the Naval training school for mishipmen at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. Upon graduation he received his commission as Ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserves. He will be transferred to active duty with the fleet as a deck officer.

Sgt. Wilton Fort and Miss Hattie Bridges have received the news of their marriage which was consummated in St. Louis, Mo., on december 20, 1943. Sgt. Fort had been home on a short furlough visiting friends and relatives in the city and cound and Miss Bridges held a position in Evansville, In., at the time of the marriage. The young couple left immediately after the ceremony for Amarillo, Texas, where Sgt. Fort is stationed.
Vol. No. 1 Number 5 - January 28, 1944
Sam Shoemaker, a 1943 graduate, will leave for the Marines soon.

Frank Lane was examined January 24 at Evansville.

Elmer Stinson, U.S.N. has been home on liberty.

Marine Pfc. J. W. Cameron, 1943 graduate of T.C.H. at Norman, Oklahoma, taking a Naval Technical Course to become a gunner.

A letter was received this week from S/Sgt. Joe Graham. Joe a former "Cat", asked about the basketball team and wished them even more luck in the future. His address is Co., D 424 Inf., A.P.O. 443, care Post Master, Nashville, Tennessee.

Pvt. Kenneth Cameron who has been home on a brief furlough has been stationed at Camp Croft, South Carolina.

Cpl. Thomas Fourshee and Cpl. Wallace Sivills have been transferred to Camp Breckinridge, Va.

Pvt. John Bell Mason left January 17, for Fort Ord, California. He has been stationed at Camp Croft, South Carolina.

A letter extending his appreciation for "The Wildcat", was received this week from Lacy wallace, Cox U.S.S.L.C.I (L) No. 78, care Fleet Post Office, New York, New York. He was a former member of both the football and basketball teams and asked about this year's team. He also states that after he has been over seas for a year, he is going to try to get transferred from the Amphibious Force to a larger ship that goes to the States more often. Lacy was one of T.C.H's best athletes and deserves much credit for his excellent playing on both basketball and the football team.

Bill Kennedy F 1/c, who has been home recently, is now in Shoemaker, california. He was a student here in 1938-1939.

Ed Thomas, who has completed his 'boot' training at Great Lakes, is home for 16 days.

Sgt. E. F. Goodwin has been home on furlough recently. He graduated from T.C.H., in 1940.

Pvt. Wallis Clarke is at Camp Wheeler, Georgia.

Clifford Jefferson, F 1/c has been transferred from Great Lakes to California.

H.C. Hunter, a junior at T.C.H. who was subject to leve for the Army January 17, has been deferred for six months.

A/S Charles Ray Ventura has a change of address to 89th C.T. D. Sqd 2, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska.

Sgt. Jimmy Wilson, who graduated from T.C.H. in 1942, has been home recently. He returned to Camp Van Dorn, Miss., January 21.

Boyd "Mickey" Mitchell is home after seeing action as a sergeant with the Marines in the Pacifid theatre on Guadalcanal. he has recently received a medical discharge.

Dempsey A. Hall, S 2//c has been transferred to Armed Guard Center, 52nd I Ave., South Brookleyn New York. He was formerly stationed at Norfolk, Va.

Pvt. Billy R. Adams is taking Marine "boot" training in California. In a recent letter he states that he likes the Marines fine. His address if Plt. 1171, R.D.M.C.B., San Diego, 41, California.

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