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NOTE: Directions given here are meant to point researcher in a near-to location and they are not a perfect locator.
The exception to this statement are the GPS locations.

(LCC '77 ) = Livingston Co., Ky. Cemeteries Book, printed 1977 by Livngston Co. Homemakers Club
GPS = Global Positioning Systems, Latitude & Longitude

Better location descriptions are in the Livingston Co. Cemetery book, than below, because of space constraints.
Reseachers are asked to check in the Cemetery book for better addresses/directions.

All items and directions subject to corrections. By listing cemeteries from different sources, there could be some duplications on this listing.
Some of these cemeteries now exist only on paper or in folks memories. Some have been destroyed by "progress", others by neglect, nature or pure greed. Some are one or two stones, some have sandstone rocks only for markers
Anyone with additional cemetery names, locations, or GPS are requested to submit them to me at Email

Submitted by Kenneth E. Gilkey, Jan. 2005

Abell 2 1/2 mi S of Burna on US 60 across from Rock Quarry Rd
(LCC '77)
Adams # 1 near Joy on hwy 135 abt 1/4 mi W of hwy 133N (LCC '77)    
Adams # 2 Adams Lane, Grand Rivers, Ky., on edge of Lake Barkley 37.01N -88.221W
Alsobrook US 60 behind 2 nd house E of Klondike Mines Rd. (LCC '77)    
Anderson Buford Rd. 2 mi SE of Smithland on hwy 453 37.126N -88.374W
Babb-Hardin off hwy 723N nr. Salem, on James R. McDaniel farm (LCC '77)    
Bailey US60 to Klondike Mines Rd., Bill Null farm (LCC '77)    
Barnes #1 1.5 mi from Joy on135 towards Carrsville, Driver farm (LCC '77)    
Barnes # 2 at Carrsville on top of Lovers Leap (LCC '77)    
Barnett # 1 2.5 mi NW of Salem at jct. hwy 133 & Lick Skillet Rd. 37.128N -88.408W
Barnett # 2 .5 mi S of Smithland off US 60 on Ralph Smith farm (LCC '77)    
Bateman-Preston on Lola-Milford Rd. near Lola, Donald Bebout farm (LCC '77)    
Baxter 1 .5 N of Salem on 133, at W.A.Singleton home (LCC '77)    
Baxter-McElmurry WestVaco prop.,US60, Mitchell Rd., Ralph Hardin Rd.
(LCC '77)
Bayliss Salem Baptist Church property (LCC '77)    
Bellamy-Chestnut 6m SW Smithland onUS60, 1.5mi endLockhartRd.,700 ft dueSW 37.072N -88.453W
Berry hwy 133N, off hwy137 old Lynn Greer farm (LCC '77)    
Bethel hwy 133N btwn Lola&Joy, nr Bethel Un. Meth. Ch. (LCC '77)    
Bingham SE of Cave Springs Church (LCC '77)    
Birdsville on hwy 137, Birdsville, Ky. (LCC '77)    
Borders-Hampton See Hampton-Borders    
Boyd end of Mitchell Rd. Spur, on WestVaco property (LCC '77)    
Boyd # 2 (destroyed) old Paul Chittenden farm near Carrsville (LCC '77)    
Bradley near Carrsville on David Stalions farm (LCC '77)    
Breeden # 1 hwy 135 btwn Joy & Carrsville, on HomerDriver farm (LCC '77)    
Breeden # 2 hwy 137E of 133N Mackey Ray Williams farm (LCC '77)    
Browning off hwy 723S, across from Recil Hosick home (LCC '77)    
Butler See Pippin Cemetery    
Butler in Dunn Springs Comm., Heater Rd., old Butler place (LCC '77)    
Carrsville at Carrsville, Ky. (LCC '77)    
Cedar Grove Ch. 732S from Salem to hwy 1433, 2 mi (LCC '77)    
Champion # 1 off US 60 in Burna, Ky. (LCC '77)    
Champion # 2 off US 60 near Old Salem Baptist Church (LCC '77)    
Chappell Smithland-Tiline Rd, to Chappell Cem. Rd.. 37.116N -88.33W
Cherry Tree near Mullikan, on Mrs Preston Peck farm (Lcc '77)    
Chestnut-Bellamy see Bellamy-Chestnut    
Chipps on hill in Bayou, at home of Louis Chipps (LCC '77)    
Clark hwy 1433 out of Burna, to Ted Mitchell farm (LCC '77)    
Clemens intsct 137 & Ely Rd near Carrsville (LCC '77)    
Cochran-Deason see Deason-Cochran    
Coker off Klondike Mines Rd., near Jess Martin farm (LCC '77)    
Coleman hwy 1436 behind Mt. Pisgah Ch. on H.D.Hurley farm (LCC '77)    
Conkle 3 mi on US 60N of Smithland, on Hibbs farm (LCC '77)    
Cooper-Wright off hwy 453 below Smithland, Dr. Myre farm (LCC '77)    
Copenhagen on hwy 137, E of 133N, on Etrick May farm (LCC '77)    
Corinth Smithland, hwy 453 past Mitchell Store (LCC '77)    
Cothran off hwy 453, 400 ft. S of Oliver Rd. 37.088N -88.358W
Covington Smithland, US 60W 5 mi Tom Thompson farm (LCC '77)    
Cowper # 1 US60, hwy 137 1st house on right (LCC '77)    
Cowper # 2 on hwy 137 1/2 m past intset. of US60 on River View farm
(LCC '77)
37.19N -88.415W
Crawford 133N of Lola,1mi toHopewell Ch Rd bhnd Hopewell Cem
(LCC '77)
Crowley-Robinson gravel lane across from fair barn near Burna (LCC '77)    
Damron 2 m 133N from Salem,behind Irene Lemon home(LCC '77)    
Dannell-Dean on Shaw Hill off US60 at Cumblerland River Bridge(LCC '77)    
Deason-Cochran approx. 1/2 m N of Belcher-Vickburg Rd. jct. 37.187N -88.340W
Decker hwy 70 near Grove Chapel Ch., E. P. Driskill farm(LCC '77)    
Dickens in field near Damron Cem. (LCC '77)    
Dickerson-Hurley S side Mitchell Rd., Burna, Ky. near RoyTramble home(LCC '77)    
Ditney See New Union Cemetery    
Dixon Moodie St., Grand Rivers, Ky. 37.006N -88.240W
Dobson near Cedar Grove off 1433, N of Hudson Mines(LCC '77)    
Dodds Ned Cothron farm (LCC '77)    
Donakey # 1 near Mullikan jct. on Johnnie G. Pace farm (LCC '77)    
Donakey # 2 was on Eph. Hardin farm near Cedar Grove(LCC '77)    
Doom Harp Bridge Rd. on Bobby English farm (LCC '77) 37.148N -88.272W
Doyle on Three Rivers Rock Quarry Rd. (LCC '77)    
Driskill off hwy 866 on Coon Chapel Rd. 37.11N -88.278W
Duley near Burna, on Joe Frank Robinson farm (LCC '77)    
Duley Bluff off 135, Hampton Bayou Rd., 900 ft. S jct A.T. Wheeler Rd. 37.265N -88.406W
Duley-Hofman abt. 2 mi on 135 from Burna to Hampton (LCC '77)    
Dunlap end Scotts Chapel Rd. 2500 ft SSW on Champion farm
(LCC '77)
37.193N -88.374W
Dupriest Smithland, hwy 937 (LCC '77)    
Durham off Scotts Chapel Rd., 900 ft. E. on Bid Southern Rd. 37.173N -88.355W
Dyer Hill Church US60 betwn Smithland & Burna at Dyer Hill Church (LCC '77)    
Edmonds hwy 60N of Smithland, on Silver Mine Rd. 37.177N -88.4W
Edwards hwy 1433 near Mullikan, Jewell Pugh farm (LCC '77)    
Evans # 1 off the Tiline-Iuka Rd., across from Blackbottom (LCC '77)    
Evans # 2 on Sugar Creek Rd. (LCC '77)    
Farris Salem, on 1433, betwn 732S & Farris Spgs. Rd. (LCC '77)    
Fellowship Bapt. Ch. near US60 (LCC '77)    
Ferguson hwy 70 to end of Ferguson Cem. Rd. 37.135N -88.363W
Ferrell near Hampton on Frank May farm (LCC '77)    
Ferrell-Holeman 1 mi NW of Good Hope Church, Button Myers place (LCC '77)    
Fleming near Burna on Mitchell Rd., WestVaco property (LCC '77)    
Foster hwy 763 nr. McMurry Chapel Ch., Wayne Davis farm (LCC '77)    
Forman-Gossage off hwy 838 near Lola on Bonanza Mines Rd. (LCC '77)    
Frazier # 1 near Tiline, Larue Stokes farm (LCC '77)    
Frazier # 2 between Tiline & Iuka, Ida Evans farm (LCC '77)    
Fresh 200 yrds from Vick Cem. on Brown Brothers farm (LCC '77)    
Garrett off 137 3 m from Carrsville on Ely Rd, on Johnny Garrett farm
(LCC '77)
Goldwell-Lee See Lee-Goldwell    
Good Hope Church betwn Joy & Hampton intsct hwy 1608 (LCC '77)    
Gordon Family Gordon "Dean" Edmonds property (LCC '77)    
Graves Gum Spgs. Comm., Heater Rd. old Virgil Harp farm (LCC '77)    
Green 723S nr Pinckney Bapt. Ch., on Nora Green Farm (LCC '77)    
Green-Johnson at end of Vicksburg Rd. 37.186N -88.333W
Groves Chapel 70W from Dycusburg, then 3/4 m S on 866 37.158N -88.211W
Hall nr McMurry Chapel on Effie Lay Clark farm (LCC '77)    
Hamilton nr Salem, Ky. on Jack Kitchens farm (LCC '77)    
Hampton Hampton, Ky. (LCC '77)    
Hampton-Borders Scotts Chapel Rd. to Hampton Cem. Rd. 37.156N -88.36W
Hampton Family US60, Bissell Bluff Rd.,Old Barrett Quarry Spur Rd on Cumberland River 37.19N -88.382W
Hardin-Babb See Babb-Hardin    
Hardin, (Ephriam) Salem, 723S to1433 nr Cedar Grove Ch. on Hardin farm
(LCC '77)
Harmon 917 btwn Iuka & hwy 866 off hwy 917, Driskill farm (LCC '77)    
Heater 3/4 m E of Heater, N of Linley Rd. 37.138N -88.315W
Hodge # 1 Pinckneyville Cem Rd btwn 133S & 723S on Jack Kitchens farm
(LCC '77)
Hodge # 2 Salem,133S toWilson Bluff Rd, on George Malcom farm
(LCC '77)
Hodge # 3 hwy 137 E of 133 N Etrick May farm (LCC '77)    
Hopewell 136 N from Lola, rifht on Ellis Schoolhouse Rd-Hopewell Rd. 37.341N -88.321W
Hosick # 1 1/2 m from Lola on 838, Ben Shouse farm (LCC '77)    
Hosick # 2 Lola-Milford Rd 1m W of Milford Bridge, J.E. Kemper farm
(LCC '77)
Hosick # 3 nr Hampton on 135 on Frank May farm (LCC '77)    
Huey nr Hampton on top of Markey Hill (LCC '77)    
Hunters off US60 3 m W of Burna, on Jones farm (LCC '77)    
Hurley hwy 60, approx 6 m S of Smithland 37.065N -88.433W
Hurley-Dickerson S side of Mitchell Rd, Burna, nr Roy Tramble home (LCC '77)    
Iuka Mt. Carmel Methodist Church-Iuka Baptist Church (LCC '77)    
Jameson # 1 US60 S of Burna, Poindexter Rd, Palmer Rd, to Jameson Rd. 37.218N -88.401W
Jameson # 2 Lola, Ky. abt. 1 1/2 m on 133N, Bob Frazer farm (LCC '77)    
Johnson-Green See Green-Johnson    
Kenady 1436 btwn 133N & Mt. Pisgah Ch, James Ivy farm (LCC '77)    
King on King Spring Rd. on Mrs. Mildred Kimberlin farm (LCC '77)    
Kirby-Long on 137 btwn 133N & Bayou, Jack Day farm (LCC '77)    
Koe on 137 btw 133N & Bayou, Jack Day farm (LCC '77)    
Landrum off 453 at intsct. of Lantrip Rd. 37.061N -88.283W
Lay 6 m W of Burna on 763 (Maxfield Rd.) 37.273N -88.449W
Lee-Goldwell Vickburg Rd, Belcher Rd, to Lee-Goldwell Cem Rd, nr Scotts Chapel 37.184N -88.353W
Leeper # 1 hwy 937 500 ft E off Bishop Rd. 37.08N -88.389W
Leeper # 2 hwy 70E of Smithland to Sugar Creek Rd. 1/2 m 37.151N -88.282W
Lemen # 1 WestVaco prop, 2700 ft. N of where Miller Ln. turns due S 37.192N -88.345W
Lemen # 2 at Scotts Chapel on Jess Rudd farm (LCC '77)    
Lewis off hwy 137 btwn US60 & Birdsville (LCC '77)    
Lloyd (destroyed) Salem, 723 S across rd from Coleman Millikan's
(LCC '77)
Lockett nr intsct Scotts Chapel Rd. & Belcher Rd. 37.179N -88.357W
Lola behind Lola Pentecost Ch, Lola, Ky. (LCC '77)    
Long-Kirby See Kirby-Long    
Loveless Chapel Church 723S from Salem, Ky. then right at hwy 1433, 1/2 m (LCC '77)    
Loves off 133 at Cave Springs Ch. on Loves Chapel Rd. 37.386N -88.43W
Markey nr Hampton, on Gene Hampton farm (LCC '77)    
Martin 2700 ft. due N of Faulkner Ln. off Sugar Creek Rd. 37.137N -88.278W
May # 1 Lola 1 m N on 133, Pete Tyner farm (LCC '77)    
May # 2 (destroyed) nr Hampton on Johnson May farm (LCC '77)    
Mayhugh in field behind Sugar Creek Church (LCC '77)    
McElmurry off US60 nr Klondike Mine Rd.(LCC '77)    
McElmurry-Baxter See Baxter-McElmurry    
McMurry Chapel nr Hampton, intsct hwy 1608 & hwy 763 (LCC '77)    
Miles Salem,723S past Pinckneyville Ch Rd, at Lewis Maddox farm
(LCC '77)
Miller S of intsct of hwy 93 & hwy 866 (LCC '77)    
Miller Family Scotts Chapel Community, Ruby Parks farm (LCC '77)    
Mills Pioneer 1/2 m S of Salem on 723 37.256N -88..245W
Mitchell-Radcliffe hwy838 btwn Lola & Hampton, James Workman farm (LCC '77)    
Mizell (destroyed) hwy 763 out of Burna, nr Old Mizell School
(LCC '77)
Moss-Ramage on Bissell Bluff, Wayne Jeffery farm (LCC '77)    
Mt. Carmel See Iuka    
Moxley Old Salem-Vicksburg Rd, behind Herschell Heater home
(LCC '77)
Myrick hwy 133N btwn Lola & Joy, behind Mary Myrick home
(LCC '77)
Nelson Hampton, Ky., George Barnes farm (LCC '77)    
New Union 2 m from Lola, hwy 838 E at New Union Ch. (LCC '77)    
Oak Grove hwy 60 1/2 m N of Ledbetter, 500 ft. NNW of intsct LockhartRd. 37.256N -88.438W
Old Good Hope from Joy 133N to 1436 1 m, nr Seldon Collins home (LCC '77)    
Old Salem Bapt. Ch. US60, 3 m W of Salem (LCC '77)    
Paradise hwy 866 at Paradise Ch. (LCC '77)    
Parker # 1 Salem,723S, rt at1433, rt at Parkers Store, Steve Sills place
(LCC '77)
Parker # 2 Salem, 133N 1 m, Hulet Belt farm (LCC '77)    
Parker-Ramage hwy 1433 nr Dewey Loveless home (LCC '77)    
Peck 1 m N of Mulikan end of Pace Rd., then 1000 ft due S 37.235N -88.311W
Peck (A.B.) US60 btwn Burna & Salem on Klondike Farm Rd. (LCC '77)    
Persons nr Burna, Jessie Sliney farm (LCC '77)    
Phillips Bissell Bluff Rd., S of Burna, 2 m on left 37.229N -88.360W
Piles on Ohio River bank behind Elsons Peach Orchard (LCC '77)    
Pinckneyville 723 S of Salem 5 m to intsct at McClure Rd. 37.217N -88.244W
Pippin Salem, at home of Gerald Butler, now called ButlerCem.
(LCC '77)
Porter nr Lola, Odie Vaughn farm (LCC '77)    
Powell Smithland, US 60W 3 m nr Vernie Thomason farm (LCC '77)    
Preston-Bateman See Bateman-Preston    
Radcliffe-Mitchell See Mitchell-Radcliffe    
Ramage # 1 nr Burna, on Roger Phillips farm (LCC '77)    
Ramage # 2 93 to 453, Heater Store Rd, to Ramage Cem. Rd. 37.083N -88.328W
Ramage-Moss See Moss-Ramage    
Ramage-Parker See Parker-Ramage    
Rappolee # 1 Smithland US 60N,Bissell Bluff Rd, to Barrett Quarry Rd. 37.197N -88.379W
Rappolee # 2 3 RR Rd. to River, Clyde Reed heirs property (LCC '77)    
Ray nr Riddle Cem. on Carl Wilson farm (LCC '77)    
Rector hwy 838 btwn Lola & Hampton on Morris Mahan farm
(LCC '77)
Reed Iuka-Grand Rivers Rd. nr Lake City, Ky. (LCC '77)    
Rhodes hwy 137, on Ray Williams upper farm (LCC '77)    
Riddle US60 btwn Burna & Salem, Carl Wilson farm (LCC '77)    
Robertson 6 m S of Smithland at insct of US 60 & 937 37.085N -88.410W
Robertson Family 1 m from hwy 70 on Mt. Zion-Heater Rd. 37.148N -88.306W
Robinson-Crowley See Crowley-Robinson 37.01N -88.221W
Robinson # 1 near Burna on Tommy Hosick farm (LCC '77)    
Robinson # 2 SW of Lola on 133 to Daniel Cem. Rd. on Lonnie Daniels farm 37.298N -88.288W
Rock Quarry US 60N of Smithland to Bissell Bluff Rd. 1/2 mi 37.198N -88.385W
Ross # 1 from Smithland 5 mi E on hwy 70, 2 mi S on Mt. Zion Rd. 37.129N -88.312W
Ross #2 from Smithland 5 mi E on hwy 70, Vicksburg Rd. to RossCem.Rd. 37.165N -88.333W
Rutter near Cedar Grove fire tower, Darrell Ramage farm (LCC '77)    
Ryan 723S to Farris Spring Rd. 1 mi, on Jewell Alley farm (LCC '77)    
Salem Salem City Cemetery, Salem, Ky. 37.265N -88.239W
Sand Hill-Waddy US60 10 mi S of Smithland, (Ledbetter) FerrenRd. to SandhillRd.    
Sanders #1 end of Paradise Ch. Rd. on Ralph Smith farm (LCC '77) 37.105N -88.298W
Sanders # 2 off Newburn Rd. at end of Sanders Cem. Rd. (LCC '77) 37.093N -88.270W
Scotts Chapel approx 4 mi off hwy 70 at Scotts Chapel Church (LCC '77)    
Sivells at Three Rivers Rock Quarry, right to end of rd. (LCC '77)    
Skelton near Joy, Willis Noel farm (LCC '77)    
Slayden # 1 N of US60, end of Mitchell Rd. Spur, Dick Nelson farm
(LCC '77)
Slayden # 2 nr Lola, WestVaco prop., 838 to Bonaza Mine Rd. (LCC '77)    
Smithland Smithland City Cem., Smithland, Ky. (LCC '77)    
Spell hwy 763 out of Burna, on Tommy Hosick farm (LCC '77)    
Stewart Yiline, on Gilford Driskill farm (LCC '77)    
Taylor 5 mi E of Smithland to Dodd Taylor Rd on Spurlin Taylor farm 37.166N -88.315W
Thompson Lola, Ky. behind Bill Tyner home (LCC '77)    
Threlkeld # 1 Burna, US 60E to Mitchell Rd. (LCC '77)    
Threlkeld # 2 hwy 133 N nr Joy, Bill Profit farm (LCC '77)    
Tiline 1/2 mi S of Tiline on Colin Hill Rd. 37.165N -88.244W
Tracey intsct. Scotts Chapel Rd. & Bid Southern Rd. 37. 173N -88.358W
Trail Burna, hwy 763, 3 mi on Wayne Davis farm (LCC '77)    
Varnell # 1 nr. Lake City, on hill toward Peaceful Valley (LCC '77)    
Varnell # 2 nr. Lake City, old Sexton place (W. E. Foley farm) (LCC '77)    
Vick 135 btwn Joy&Hampton, on Robert Quertermous farm(LCC '77)    
Visage Joy-Lola, hwy 133 (LCC '77)    
Waddy-Sand Hill See Sand Hill-Waddy    
Walker # 1 Burna, US 60, Mitchell Rd, Ralph Hardin Rd. 9LCC '77)    
Walker # 2 Below Ky. Dam on old Gilbertsville Rd., on hill-TVA firing range 37.019N -88.268W
Watson hwy 838E from Lola abt. 2 m on New Union Ch. Rd.(LCC '77) Crittenden County
White Church White Church-Duley Bluff   See Duley Bluff    
Wiggins intsct. hwy 1343 & Old Salem-Vicksburg Rd, on
Herschel Heater farm
Williams # 1 Salem, 133 S to Shelbys Store (LCC '77)    
Williams # 2 Burna, hwy 723 1/2 m, on Tommy Hosick farm (LCC '77)    
Willis hwy 137 E of hwy 133 N, Louis Faulkner farm (LCC '77)    
Wilson # 1 Salem, US 60 W, 2 mi on Hardin Rd. (LCC '77)    
Wilson # 2 Lake City area, on hill above Peaceful Valley (LCC '77)    
Wilson Family on hwy 137, E of 133N, on Etrick May farm (LCC '77)    
Wilson-Whitmer near Tiline, on Frank Anglin farm (LCC '77)    
Woods Salem, Ky., 133 S 3 mi, Will Padon farm (LCC '77)    
Woodyard btwn US 60 & hwy 1433 nr. Salem on Hodge Rd. (LCC '77)    
Wright # 1 near Hampton (LCC '77)    
Wright # 2 Salem, 133 N, right at Lick Skillet Rd. (LCC '77)    
Wright-Cooper See Cooper-Wright    
Wells hwy 453 to Heater Store Rd., 2 1/2 mi N 37.108N -88.334W
Wolfe off Dunlap Rd. in Vicksburg Community 37.179N -88.315W

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